French is one of the most popular second languages that students choose to learn, making French teachers always in high demand. Whether you are reasonably new to the world of teaching French or you have extensive experience, we offer training that will strengthen your skills and confidence as a professional French teacher.

Professional development seminar – Level C1

As teachers ourselves, we understand the importance of professional development and the difficulty some colleagues may have maintaining their proficiency level and pedagogical knowledge to the standard expected. This seminar provides a convenient and effective way to continue your development.

Being an effective French teacher is more than just having strong proficiency in the language. Just as importantly, it is vital that teachers have a good understanding of language teaching methodology — not to mention an understanding of the culture so as to inspire their students and encourage them to engage with French-speakers.

Seminar duration: 12 weeks.

Format: 75mn weekly seminar session. To achieve the seminar objectives we recommend you spend an hour a week outside of tutorial sessions completing online activities.

Objectives: This seminar will provide support as you reflect on your teaching approach, continue your language development and extend your understanding of Francophone cultures. On completion of the seminar you will have consolidated your language skills and should feel more confident in your ability to design challenging and engaging resources for your students. This seminar is aligned with the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (aitsl) : Professional knowledge 2.1 & 2.6 and Professional practice standard 3.4.

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