Courses for beginners to advanced students

Our program structure is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which has become the norm for the teaching of European languages.

We cater for levels A1 to C1. You can evaluate your current proficiency level by using the table provided here or request a proficiency test if you are still unsure.

We offer  a full range of programs for Senior High School students and adults (including University students and Business clients) from B1 to C1 level. 

In addition we can design beginners programs (A1 & A2) for our corporate clients and Business students to equip them with essential French communication skills.  For further information contact us today!

Levels A1 and A2 generally require a total of 160 hours of learning, B1 and B2 180 hours each. While this is the ultimate goal most people do not need to attain the same proficiency level across all skills. Becoming a proficient speaker for example is what many adult learners aspire to. Others may need to develop their written skills to a high level for professional or academic reasons. To help you achieve your objectives more rapidly we focus on the skills and knowledge most useful in your particular context.  



Our private classes or small groups (3 participants maximum) provide optimal learning conditions and allow for greater interaction. By attending all tutorials and practising regularly you will be able to make good progress and achieve your goals. We highly recommend you spend one hour a week revising and completing activities set by your teacher each week.

Course fees include tuition and learning materials (including textbooks).

All materials (including textbooks for some courses) will be made available online. Students will be given unlimited access to the learning platform for the duration of the course.